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Dentists, Dabblers, and Doers

Submitted by Gillian Harrison Cain, Director of Member Programs

Yet again, my inbox and social media provided me with inspiration for my column. At the end of December, I was agonizing over finding a topic when the daily “Seth’s Blog” email appeared with the headline “Nobody dabbles at dentistry.” Of course, with an intriguing lead like that, I had to read the post and found his blog post touched on some of the things I’ve been pondering this fall.

Internet Trends and Opportunities and a Flashback to the 1990s

Submitted by Margot Lyon, ATLA Director of Business Development

Last February, I woke up bleary-eyed and glanced at the business headlines: Ken Yoshida Named New President of SONY Corporation. Ken Yoshida was a familiar name to me twenty years ago as he was my boss when he was NYC-based Manager of Investor Relations. Since then, I’ve been reminiscing about those early days in my career.

Am I, or am I not, a librarian?

Submitted by Gillian Harrison Cain, ATLA Director of Member Programs

In late December, I read a blog post where someone was musing if they would still be considered a librarian even though they’d recently taken a position without any form of “librarian” in the title and not reporting to the library. They pondered what makes someone a librarian … a job title, the work you do, where you work, a mixture of all this, or something else entirely?

Am I, or am I not, a librarian is a question I’ve been asking myself, well, most of my career.

The Power of Collaboration: Digitization in European Theological Libraries

Submitted by Brenda Bailey-Hainer, ATLA Executive Director

The 46th BETH General Assembly held last month in Zagreb was a lively forum chock full of interesting and useful information. The theme of this year’s event was Digitisation in European Theological Libraries. The meeting attracted the largest attendance ever at a BETH meeting — around seventy participants. Eastern European countries were particularly well represented with attendees from Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovakia.

Presenters defined digitization broadly and covered a wide range of topics -– technical details on the physical process, theories on how to select which items to digitize, creation of portals that automatically limit a search to digital objects on a specific subject, national collaborative projects, establishing a governance structure for a university collaborative, the contents of specific digitized collections, and software focused on streamlining processing. Of most interest to me were the collaborative projects hosted at national libraries.

The Heart of The College

Submitted by Margot Lyon, Director of Business Development

It’s the beginning of the academic year at many of ATLA’s member institutions, and as I reflect on my career and life, I think back to those individuals who inspired me. Today I focus on Evan Ira Farber, College Librarian at the Lilly Library of Earlham College, my undergrad alma mater, from 1962 to 1994. Evan (I called all members of the community by their first names in the tradition of the Society of Friends) was one of the first people I met as a first year student — my class came to the library and he explained to us that “rather than researching a fake assignment in the library, we want you to research something relevant to your class!”

Generations and Joy

Submitted by Gillian Harrison Cain, ATLA Director of Member Programs

Over the past several weeks a video of an interview with one of my favorite authors filled up my social media feeds and “broke the Internet” so to speak. Wary of click-bait and fake news in my Facebook feed, I wasn’t moved to click on provocative links about what’s wrong with millennials, even if there was a picture of Simon Sinek, a writer and speaker on leadership that I regularly follow. But after I returned to work this week and saw the same interview in my professional feeds, I decided it was worth checking out. And so I watched the video of an interview with Tom Bilyeu on Inside Quest where Sinek addressed a question he is frequently asked: “The Millennial Question.” I’ve spent many more minutes over the past few days contemplating what I’d heard.

Intersections, Innovations, and Inspirations in Digital Humanities

Margot Lyon
Submitted by Margot Lyon, ATLA Director of Business Development

As chair of the NFAIS Humanities Roundtable committee for the past two years, I’ve been honored to collaborate with ATLA’s peer organizations in the humanities, including organizations such as the Modern Language Association, the Getty Conservation Institute, and Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale. ATLA also recently hosted and co-sponsored an NFAIS event in Chicago entitled Digital Humanities & Digital Publishing: Global Opportunities and Challenges.  I also recently participated in the Digital Humanities Forum 2015: Peripheries, Barriers, Hierarchies: Rethinking Access, Inclusivity, and Infrastructure in global DH Practice, at the University of Kansas. As part of these activities, I’ve been inspired by some new digital humanities (DH) tools and initiatives. While most of these initiatives aren’t directly related to the fields of religion or theology, sometimes we learn the most by reaching beyond our boundaries. I encourage you to spend a few minutes as a virtual tourist in some of these innovative spaces.