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2017 ATS Statistics Available

We collaborate with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) to collect and provide library statistics from ATS member institutions.

ATS collects information from institutions in the fall of each year, reflecting the most recently completed fiscal year (usually the prior year). ATLA reorganizes the data from ATS member institutions to provide comprehensive statistics focused on the library portion of the ATS survey.

ATLA Press Publishes ‘Teaching Religion in a Changing Public University’

Teaching Religion
Submitted by Matthew Collins, Monographs Editor in Chief 

The ATLA Press’s open monograph program is excited to announce the publication of a new book by Dr. Sandie Gravett, Professor of Religious Studies at Appalachian State University. Teaching Religion in a Changing Public University provides a much-needed overview of the teaching of religious studies in public universities, with a clear delineation of challenges and opportunities for the future. This new volume provides insights that are important for both faculty and librarians. Her analysis of the history of the field provides a good framework for understanding how we got to where we are now and what the future might hold. 

Experiences Want to Be Shared

Submitted by Leslie A. Engelson, Editor-In-Chief, Theology Cataloging Bulletin

The editorial board of the Theology Cataloging Bulletin is looking for first-person accounts of projects, training, or learning experiences that would be of interest to other technical services librarians for the Testimony column.

Submissions should be 1,000-2,000 words and can include images with appropriate copyright permission and attribution. The TCB had been a member-only publication since 1992 and just launched as an open access journal in January on the OJS platform in the hope of attracting a larger audience and sharing our news with others.

Theology Cataloging Bulletin Launches as an Open Access Journal

Submitted by Leslie A. Engelson, Editor-In-Chief, Theology Cataloging Bulletin

Established in 1992 as a members-only publication, the latest issue of the Theology Cataloging Bulletin was published in January on the OJS platform as an open access journal.

In addition to lists of new and changed LCC and LC Headings as well as professional development opportunities, this issue contains a bibliography of articles on linked data and another on classification and subject headings.

2018 Summary of Proceedings Available in Open Access

Submitted by Miranda Bennett, Editor-in-Chief, Summary of Proceedings

I am pleased to announce the publication of the Summary of Proceedings for the ATLA 2018 Annual Conference in Indianapolis. The Proceedings is the official record of presentations, from plenary keynotes to conversation groups to posters, offered at the conference, with topics ranging from practical tips for weeding your library’s collection to theoretical reflections on students’ information-seeking behaviors. As a fully open access publication, the Proceedings makes the outstanding work of ATLA members and friends available to a global audience, and I encourage you to share its content widely.

Call for Chapter Proposals – New Volume to Commemorate ATLA’s 75th Anniversary

ATLA Press

The Editorial Board of the ATLA Press Open Monographs Program is seeking proposals for chapters in a volume to commemorate the 75th anniversary of ATLA. Chapters in this volume will consider the questions: What do theological librarians need to be ready for as we move forward in the 21st century? What is happening at the intersection of these two trajectories: the changing nature of theological education and the changing nature of theological librarianship? The Editorial Board is looking for proposals that respond to these questions, particularly in relation to the history of ATLA.

ATLA Press Announces the Digital Reprint of ‘A Broadening Conversation’

A Broadening Conversation

ATLA Press, the open access publishing program of ATLA, is excited to announce the digital reprint of A Broadening Conversation: Classical Readings in Theological Librarianship. Originally published in 2006, A Broadening Conversation commemorated the 60th anniversary of ATLA and featured contributions from more than forty authors from the field of theological librarianship.

The open access edition also includes a new introduction written by Dr. Carisse Berryhill. The new digital reprint can be accessed on the ATLA Press website.

Call for Proposals for Chapters in New Information Literacy Book to be Published by ATLA Press

ATLA Press

The ATLA Press Monograph Editorial Board and guest editor Bobby Smiley invite interested authors to submit proposals for chapters in a new book to be published by ATLA Press entitled Information Literacy and Theological Librarianship: Theory & Praxis.

For librarians working in research, reference, and instruction, information literacy (IL) is foundational to their work. Since the advent of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, IL has been substantially reimagined both theoretically and in professional practice. While much attention and scholarship has focused on broad-based undergraduate education, there has been less work on information literacy for specific disciplines, such as theological and religious studies, or in library settings with unique curricular and professional needs.

Theological Librarianship (TL) Publishes New Issue

Submitted by Jennifer Woodruff Tait, Editor in Chief, Theological Librarianship

Please check out the newest issue of Theological Librarianship (11, no. 1) at the following link:

This is our official 10th-anniversary issue, and the editorial reflects that, narrating the history of TL from “before the beginning” until today. It is followed by a column by Thomas E. Phillips, Drew Baker, and Ann Hidalgo of Claremont School of Theology, introducing the Open Access Digital Theological Library.

Testimony: Ruminations of a Former Editor: The Theology Cataloging Bulletin as a Reflection of our Profession

Submitted by Lynn Berg, Assistant Director of Technical Services, The Styberg Library, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

For many years, editing and contributing to the Theology Cataloging Bulletin (TCB) was a service to my chosen profession that I gladly provided. The preparation of each quarterly issue was a collaborative effort involving folks from across the country and sometimes internationally. This included librarians in various types of libraries and staff members at the American Theological Library Association (ATLA), whose support continues to make this endeavor possible. Many good people volunteered their time to produce the Bulletin, some by compiling, editing, or contributing, and others by producing, distributing, or managing subscriptions. Because of their work over the years, we who have consumed its contents were spared hours of time by having newly-minted subject headings and call numbers, professional reading resources, and news filtered from a variety of sources delivered to us. TCB continues to enable us to make use of the most recent data in our daily work, take advantage of current educational opportunities, keep up-to-date on changes to our many rules and regulations, and share with and learn from the research and writings of our colleagues in the field.