SCOOP: Scholarly Communication Roadshow Recap

Scholarly Communication

On February 22, 2019, nearly forty librarians and library staff from ATLA member institutions gathered in Chicago for the ACRL Scholarly Communication Roadshow event, sponsored by ATLA. The workshop, taught by Carla Myers, Scholarly Communications Coordinator at Miami University, and Rachael Samberg, Scholarly Communications Officer at the University of California Berkeley, led attendees through a series of presentations and individual and group activities on various scholarly communication issues. Continue reading “SCOOP: Scholarly Communication Roadshow Recap”

A Dissertation Explained: ‘An Early Christian Reaction to Islam’

Submitted by Iskandar Bcheiry, ATLA Metadata Analyst

On February 12, I defended my second PhD dissertation in a colloquy that took place at the Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago. The dissertation is titled: An Early Christian Reaction to Islam: Isho’Yahb III and The Muslim Arabs and was supervised by the renowned scholar in Muslim-Christian studies, Professor Mark Swanson. I will graduate on May 19, 2019, with my Doctorate in World Christianity & Global Missions / Christian-Muslim Studies at the Lutheran School of Theology Chicago.

The dissertation is to be a reference to those interested in the field of Muslim-Christian studies, as it sheds light on the importance of the legacy of many Syriac manuscripts that are published, or not yet, and have been preserved in the local churches, monasteries in the middle east, or in the famous libraries in Europe and North America.
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SCOOP: Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2019 – Fair Use in Online Education

Fair Use
Submitted by Christine Fruin, ATLA Scholarly Communication and Digital Projects Manager

Fair Use (U.S. law) and Fair Dealing (Canada and other jurisdictions) are essential limitations and exceptions to copyright allowing the use of copyrighted materials, without permission from the copyright holder, under certain circumstances. These doctrines facilitate balance in copyright law, promoting further progress and accommodating freedom of speech and expression. Fair Use Week, February 25 – March 1, is a great time to consider the flexibility and applicability of fair use, particularly how it allows copyright to adapt to new technologies, which is essential when considering the application of fair use to online education. Continue reading “SCOOP: Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2019 – Fair Use in Online Education”

SCOOP: Scholarly Communications 2018: What Matters for Theological Libraries?

Scholarly Communication
Submitted by Christine Fruin, ATLA Member Programs and Scholarly Communication Manager

ATLA enjoyed exciting growth in 2018 in its scholarly communications program, with the expansion of the open access publishing program and offering of webinars and a pre-conference workshop for ATLA members on topics related to fair use, open access and publishing. Around the globe there were other interesting and intriguing developments in law, policy, and programs that were of interest and importance to libraries.

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SCOOP: Build Scholarly Communication Competencies with the ACRL Roadshow

Submitted by Christine Fruin, ATLA Member Programs and Scholarly Communication Manager

Last fall, in one of my first SCOOP columns, I proposed that we are all scholarly communication librarians and offered examples of how librarians filling different functional roles as well as those working at smaller libraries often perform scholarly communication duties. Further, in that column, I shared the NASIG Core Competencies for Scholarly Communication Librarians as a comprehensive list of the types of knowledge and skills those engaged with scholarly communication should have. Within the area of “background knowledge,” the authors of the NASIG resource state that “deep knowledge of the Open Access movement and its impact on the scholarly publishing landscape, digital preservation, relevant metadata schemata and standards, copyright, the development and implementation of organizational and institutional open access policies…[and] an understanding of the legislative environment, especially regarding copyright, Open Educational Resources (OER) and public access requirements” are key foundational areas of understanding for those engaged in scholarly communication librarianship. Continue reading “SCOOP: Build Scholarly Communication Competencies with the ACRL Roadshow”

Redevelopment of the ATS Accreditation Standards: Your Input Requested!

ATS Accreditation
Submitted by Debbie Creamer, The Association of Theological Schools

As many ATLA members are likely already aware, the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) is currently engaging in a comprehensive redevelopment of its accrediting Standards and Procedures. The last such major revision was in 1996 (the revisions in 2010-2012 were more modest), a generation after the previous redevelopment in 1972. It seems timely then that the ATS membership voted at its June 2018 Biennial Meeting “to authorize the ATS Board of Commissioners to undertake a comprehensive redevelopment of the Standards of Accreditation and the Commission Poli­cies and Procedures expeditiously and with a substantial participation process.” The unanimous vote was based on a five-point rationale and was followed by a membership discussion of key questions and concerns. The ATS Board of Commissioners appointed a 19-member Task Force to lead the redevelopment process. Continue reading “Redevelopment of the ATS Accreditation Standards: Your Input Requested!”