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Staying Abreast

Submitted by Brenda Bailey-Hainer, ATLA Executive Director

Like the elephant in the parable of the blind men and an elephant, ATLA can be viewed through many different lenses. We are a professional membership association, an organization that serves academic libraries, a library consortium, an active participant in scholarly communication in religion and theology, an open access publisher, a nonprofit organization, and a technology organization that produces online research tools. As such, we need to stay abreast of trends in a diverse set of fields — everything from technology standards to academic librarianship to the field of religion and theology to nonprofit management.

Internet Trends and Opportunities and a Flashback to the 1990s

Submitted by Margot Lyon, ATLA Director of Business Development

Last February, I woke up bleary-eyed and glanced at the business headlines: Ken Yoshida Named New President of SONY Corporation. Ken Yoshida was a familiar name to me twenty years ago as he was my boss when he was NYC-based Manager of Investor Relations. Since then, I’ve been reminiscing about those early days in my career.

Renew Your ATLA Membership for 2018-2019

Renew ATLA

ATLA membership renewal season is upon us!

A message from ATLA Board President Jennifer Bartholomew was e-mailed to all current members the last week of August. All Individual and Student members and member representatives of Institutional and Affiliate members should have received this first e-mail notice regarding membership renewals. If you did not receive a renewal notice, please contact

The ATLA membership year runs from September 1 through August 31. Renew today, so you don’t miss out on benefits and programs available to your membership type.

Accessing the ATLA Community and the New My ATLA Web Portal


ATLA is in the process of a major system upgrade. In late July, current members received an email indicating that membership renewals will be through the new MyATLA web portal this year. As we work to improve your online member experience, we wanted to explain how to continue to access members-only content not included in the new My ATLA web portal during this transition period.

Over the next several months, ATLA members will have two separate login credentials.

ATLA Improves Membership Experience with New System Upgrades


ATLA staff are hard at work upgrading our systems to improve your membership experience. Many of the changes are “behind the scenes” and will help ATLA staff be more efficient in our work with members, publishers, customers, and partners. One of the first stages of these upgrades that will be visible to members is our new and improved membership web portal.

The new My ATLA web portal is the place where you will be able to view membership information, update contact information, track participation in member benefit programs, register for events such as the annual conference, access the membership directory, and pay any open invoices.

ATLA Committees, Task Force, and Publishing Program Appointments


Much of the work accomplished toward meeting ATLA’s Organizational Ends is done by Individual and Lifetime Members who serve on committees. Our thanks go to those who are ending their terms and a warm welcome is extended to those who are beginning their service.

Call for ATLA Conference Bags for Archives

conference tote bags

As you may have heard, we paid tribute to past conferences by inviting attendees to bring their conference bags from previous years to the 2018 ATLA Annual Conference (read more about it). Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun event!

After seeing all of the bags and seeing ones we hadn’t seen before, it got us thinking about what we have in the ATLA Archives. After cataloging our bags, we realized that we are missing some conference years. Do you have ATLA conference bags from 1999, 2000, or 2008? If you do and are willing to donate them, please email

Maria Stanton Joins NISO Leadership Team, 2018-2019

Maria Stanton, ATLA Director of Production, has been elected to the Members of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Leadership Team for the 2018-2019 team. Her term begins July 1.

Previously, in 2015, Maria was appointed to a NISO Working Group that worked on Altmetrics Data Quality.

Accessing the New Open Access Versions of Theology Cataloging Bulletin and the ATLA Summary of Proceedings


As we announced last monthTheology Cataloging Bulletin (TCB) and the ATLA Summary of Proceedings will be moving to open access.

TCB – Publication Schedule Shifts, Member Notifications of New Issues

During the next several months, we will develop a site for TCB on ATLA’s instance of Open Journal Systems (OJS), the same publishing platform used for Theological Librarianship. Beginning in January 2019, TCB will be openly available to all readers through the OJS site under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license (CC-BY-NC). Back issues of TCB will eventually be moved from the members-only Community area on the ATLA website to the new OJS site. 

Michael Magoulias Joins ATLA as Editorial Manager, Digital Products


We are pleased to introduce Michael Magoulias as our new Editorial Manager, Digital Products in the Production Department.

Michael has dedicated his career to publishing, with an almost singular emphasis on scholarly publishing. Most recently, Michael was the Director of the Journals Division at the University of Chicago Press. At the Press, he was responsible for all aspects of the journals program. In that capacity, he worked closely with the faculty in the Divinity School who edited the Journal of Religion and History of Religions.