The ATLA Newsletter is the primary source of information about ATLA activities and membership news.

Articles are published throughout the month, along with monthly feature articles from professionals in the field of scholarly communication and theological librarianship. ATLA Members will still receive a monthly digest the second Tuesday of every month. However, you may choose to subscribe to the newsletter site to have updates emailed directly to you.

Member’s Only Content 

Member’s only content requires a login. The login for the ATLA Newsletter site is the same as your login for the ATLA website, the login you use when you renew your membership online or access the community section of the ATLA website. Contact us if you need assistance logging into the ATLA Newsletter. You won’t see these articles if you’re not logged in, but you will see them in the digest version and be prompted to login to read the full article. Also, if you want to comment on an article you’ll need to login.

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