CONSER Serials Cataloging and You: Make Your Hidden Serials Collections Discoverable through the ATLA CONSER Funnel

Submitted by Michael Bradford

A CONSER-authenticated bibliographic record is a mark of quality cataloging for serials. It represents authoritative access points and subjects. A CONSER record is also eligible to receive an ISSN identifier. When the terms CONSER, authentication, LC, and authoritative are thrown out there, one usually thinks “that’s not for me. That’s for those high-level catalogers at big universities, not my little seminary.” Wrong.

The Funnel Programs are developed by institutions based on regional, subject, or other shared interests. It provides opportunities for smaller institutions to participate in and benefit from membership in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging.


Libraries affiliated with ATLA often share common material, but we also have unique material that is not housed anywhere else. Cataloging brings that unique material out into the open for our faculty, students, and researchers to discover.

As the only subject-oriented CONSER Funnel in existence, the ATLA CONSER Funnel facilitates high-quality records for these unique resources. It is a benefit available to Individual and Student Members who wish to be able to contribute original and maintain existing CONSER-authenticated bibliographic records in the OCLC database.

There is no minimum number of contributions required of individual members per year, and contributions can be either maintenance of existing CONSER records or authentication of original cataloging.

How to Participate in the Funnel Project

Requirements for Funnel Project participation include:

  • Individual and Student Membership in ATLA
  • Experienced cataloger
  • Access to RDA
  • Permission of your institution
  • Previous NACO training

CONSER Funnel participants, while required to have previous NACO experience, are not required to be NACO independent, nor required ever to become CONSER independent.

Additional requirements for the CONSER Program include:

  • Use RDA and LC-PCC Policy Statements for new cataloging, and CONSER documentation as appropriate
  • Have online access to OCLC
  • Contribute cataloging through OCLC Connexion

Go to the ATLA website to learn how to participate.


Please consider filling out this brief survey, which is designed to find interested individual members of ATLA who catalog serials and invite them to consider joining the ATLA CONSER Funnel. The survey is available at:

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