ATLA Press Announces the Digital Reprint of ‘A Broadening Conversation’

ATLA Press, the open access publishing program of ATLA, is excited to announce the digital reprint of A Broadening Conversation: Classical Readings in Theological Librarianship. Originally published in 2006, A Broadening Conversation commemorated the 60th anniversary of ATLA and featured contributions from more than forty authors from the field of theological librarianship.

The open access edition also includes a new introduction written by Dr. Carisse Berryhill. The new digital reprint can be accessed on the ATLA Press website.

The ATLA Press open monograph program will soon issue a call for proposals for chapters in a new volume to commemorate ATLA’s upcoming 75th anniversary. Stay tuned to the ATLA Newsletter as well as the ATLA Press open monograph site for more information on this opportunity.

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