Theological Librarianship (TL) Publishes New Issue

Submitted by Jennifer Woodruff Tait, Editor in Chief, Theological Librarianship

Please check out the newest issue of Theological Librarianship (11, no. 1) at the following link:

This is our official 10th-anniversary issue, and the editorial reflects that, narrating the history of TL from “before the beginning” until today. It is followed by a column by Thomas E. Phillips, Drew Baker, and Ann Hidalgo of Claremont School of Theology, introducing the Open Access Digital Theological Library.

Two essays follow. William Badke discusses the difficulty – and the necessity – of evaluating beliefs and coming to confident conclusions in research, and Robert J. Mayer explains the factors involved in developing a new collection management policy, using his own institution as an example.

Next comes a short forum on the challenges of providing library services to the incarcerated, with Jason Fowler, Jeff Griffin, and David Brian Malone discussing how their institutions are handling making resources available as part of seminary degree programs for those in prison.

Peer-reviewed articles in this issue include Martha Adkins’ citation analysis of recent research in religion and Andrew J. Keck’s study of current publishing and purchasing trends in religion and theology.

Finally, we review The Book of Revelation and Its Interpreters, edited by Ian Boxall and Richard Tresley; Archives in Libraries by Jeannette Bastian, Megan Sniffin-Marinoff, and Donna Webber; Leadership in Theological Education, Vol. 1, edited by Fritz Deininger and Orbelina Eguizabal; and The Pastor’s Library by Robert Yost and Eddie Grigg.

We’re also excited to report that TL is now fully registered with CrossRef and has DOIs assigned to all articles. Thanks to Christine Fruin for her hard work in making this a reality, and as always, many thanks to Tawny Burgess for laying out the issue and to the TL Editorial Board for their dedication in preparing the content.

Check it out! And remember that there is always room for your contributions, whether you are reviewing a book, reporting on the results of research, or musing on some aspect of librarianship. Do be in touch with us through our website at  

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