Theological Librarianship (TL) Publishes New Issue

Theological Librarianship
Submitted by Jennifer Woodruff Tait, Editor in Chief, Theological Librarianship

Please check out the newest issue of Theological Librarianship (TL) (11, no. 1) at the following link:

It contains “something for everyone” (to quote Stephen Sondheim’s “Comedy Tonight.”) First, there is an essay by T. Scott Reeves on a book collection at the ELCA’s Crumley Archives, trying to discern the faith life of a group of Pietist Lutherans by the books they left behind.

Peer-reviewed articles follow. Joshua Avery explores the open access availability of articles from highly ranked religious studies journals, as part of TL’s continuing emphasis on and commitment to the world of open access. Micah Saxton introduces librarians to the world of topic modeling and topic models the TL archives to show us all how the concept works. Felipe E. Tan and Terry Dwain Robertson explore Seventh-day Adventist classification schemes and include a helpful review of many other denominational classifications. Nawazali Alibhai Jiwa discusses the content and approach needed in an online searchable database for Ismāʿīlī Studies.

Finally, we review William Brown’s A Handbook to Old Testament Exegesis, James Bradley and Richard Muller’s Church  History: An Introduction to Research Methods and Resources, Thomas Jay Oord’s edited volume Theologians and Philosophers Using Social Media: Advice, Tips, and Testimonials, and two websites: STEP Bible and America’s Public Bible.

Check it out!

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