ATLA Collaborates with re:loom to Offer Sustainable Handmade Conference Swag


Over the years we have heard from conference attendees that they want ATLA to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable products and practices at the annual conference. We’ve heard you… we’re using less paper, staying at hotels with recycling programs, and last year we took a major step forward in this area.

At the 2017 ATLA Annual Conference in Atlanta, the JBC Library at Columbia Theological Seminary sponsored conference bags made by re:loom, a non-profit that employs and empowers homeless and low-income individuals through weaving beautifully-designed products out of upcycled materials. The bags were handwoven, unique, and conference attendees helped to invest in a community in need.

After Atlanta, it is impossible to go back to the standard conference bag.

At the 2018 ATLA Annual Conference in Indianapolis, conference attendees will not be receiving conference tote bags. Instead, we are continuing to collaborate with re:loom to offer sustainable conference swag, encourage attendees to bring their own bags to conference, and donate used lanyards.

Eco-Friendly, Handmade Conference Swag

We are collaborating with re:loom again this year to offer eco-friendly, handmade conference swag. All attendees will be give the option to select one of two different items, a key fob and a mug rug, in a variety of colors. We hope that attendees will be excited to support this sustainable option and choose their own unique reminder of the 2018 ATLA Annual Conference.


Lisa of re:loom at the 2017 ATLA Annual Conference

Show Us Your Bag

We invite you to bring your own bag to conference. You may choose to reuse a bag from year’s past, a bag you love from another conference, or your regular briefcase, backpack, or other bag. Show us your bag at the Registration Desk to receive a 25% coupon off any item at the re:loom online shop good up until July 31.

For those who would like to purchase a re:loom bag for yourself or as a gift, we will have a limited supply available for sale at the wholesale price of $20 each.

Donate Your Lanyards

Last year, we collected ATLA lanyards at the end of conference and donated them to re:loom. If you’re anything like us, you have a bunch of lanyards from previous conferences hanging around your office. So this year, in addition to collecting lanyards at the end of conference we’re encouraging you to do a little office cleaning and will accept any lanyards you might gather up and bring to Indianapolis. Lisa at re:loom assures us her team will find a creative way to use them. And be sure to stop by the re:loom exhibitor table to see the item they made from our donations last year!

We hope that these incremental changes will make a positive impact on the world and will also allow us to continue to provide a positive conference experience.

We cannot wait to see you in Indianapolis next month!

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