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Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

In 1839, Concordia Seminary was established by German immigrants and nicknamed “The Log Cabin College.” Today, Concordia Seminary is one of the two private seminaries of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) and serves as a center for theological studies, research, and the continuing education of the clergy. Since its founding, Concordia Seminary has trained more than 12,500 professionals.

While the Concordia Seminary Library’s holdings highlight the history and doctrine of the Lutheran church, they also provide extensive resources for the study of ecumenism and of individual denominations, as well as special collections in hymnology, liturgics, the Peasants’ War, classical philology and other areas. The rare book collection contains more than 6,000 volumes, including composer J.S. Bach’s personal, annotated Bible.

Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta

The primary purpose of Concordia Lutheran Seminary is to prepare men for the pastoral ministry of Lutheran Church–Canada, and beyond. Chartered in 1984, the seminary is located on the same campus as the Concordia University of Edmonton, the Lutheran Historical Institute, and the Alberta – British Columbia District Office of Lutheran Church – Canada.

The CLS library contains approximately 20,000 books, 100 journals, and a number of videos, CDs, and DVDs, in addition to access to electronic databases. The library provides works in all area of theology related to the text tradition of Lutheranism, and significant works from other traditions, both current and historically significant, a minor focus in the history of Lutheranism, especially in western Canada. In addition to the main collection, the library offers two special collections: Parish materials (used for congregational ministry) and foreign-language materials (especially German, in support of the text tradition of Lutheranism).

General Theological Seminary, New York, New York

General Theological Seminary was chartered in 1817 with a vision of serving the entire Episcopal Church, where students from all parts of the country could come to prepare for ordination and lay leadership. Since 1822, General has graduated over 7,000 students.

The Christoph Keller, Jr. Library at General Seminary is the oldest Episcopal seminary library and a founding member of the New York Area Theological Library Association (NYATLA). Collection strengths include: editions of the Bible in English, Latin, the major European languages, as well as Native American, Asian, and African languages; biblical exegesis; editions of the Book of Common Prayer from 1549 to the present day, in every language represented in the Anglican Communion; English Theology from the early sixteenth to the nineteenth century; Anglican ecclesiology; and neo-Gothic church architecture.

The ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program

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