ATLA Products Blog: Cross-Continental Collaboration, ATLA and Japan


The ATLA Products Blog is sharing the stories behind our product offerings, and this month’s posting highlights new full-text titles from ATLASerials PLUS™ (ATLAS PLUS™).

Here’s an excerpt from the ATLA Products Blog.

Cross-Continental Collaboration: ATLA and Japan

Since the beginning of ATLA’s full-text production, academic journals from Japan have been an essential part of our foundation. The journals, along with their publishing institutions, have been instrumental in shaping ATLA’s full-text canon.  

One important early relationship was with Otani University, home of The Eastern Buddhist Society and of the long-running journal The Eastern Buddhist. Founded in 1921 under the editorship of respected scholar D. T. Suzuki, the journal’s publication was revived in 1965 after a war-time hiatus. Publishing academic scholarship on all aspects of Buddhism, The Eastern Buddhist is also renowned for its English-language translations of Buddhist texts and scholarship. 

japanInternational Association of Shin Buddhist Studies 

ATLA also has a long-standing relationship with the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies  (IASBS), which publishes The Pure Land: Journal of Pure Land Buddhism. First printed in 1979, with a new series beginning in 1984, this is the only scholarly journal specifically dedicated to the study of Jōdo,  Jōdo Shinshū, and other Pure Land Buddhist traditions. The journal serves as a platform to develop such scholarship, while also facilitating dialogue amongst IASBS members.  

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ATLA offers a prestigious product line of electronic resources to support the scholarly study of religion and theology and we want to share with you the stories behind the journals that have been carefully curated for our users. So, we have created the ATLA Products Blog to give an insider’s perspective and spotlight just some of the journals found in our databases.

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