Presenting at Conference or Lead One of ATLA’s Groups? How to Submit Your Papers and Reports

2018 proceedings

As we announced in February of this year, the ATLA Summary of Proceedings is moving to open access and will be published on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform. Additionally, ATLA will produce a new publication, the Annual Yearbook, which will include materials that historically have been a part of the Proceedings. The Yearbook will also be an open access publication hosted on OJS. We will share later this summer how ATLA members can receive a print copy of the new Yearbook. As a result of these changes, persons presenting or speaking at the Annual Conference or who lead one of ATLA’s many committees and groups will have a new way to submit their materials for publication in the new Yearbook or in the Proceedings.

How to Submit to the Yearbook

Reports submitted by interest groups, committees, task forces, and denominational groups will now be published in the Yearbook. Submission of reports by persons leading those group must be done at the Yearbook site. The format of submissions, including required elements for reports, can be found at We have also prepared a video that shows step-by-step how to submit reports to the OJS site for the Yearbook ( or watch below:

How to Submit to the Proceedings

Persons speaking at or presenting at the Annual Conference, including persons who lead conversation groups as well as pre-conference or in-conference workshops, will submit their papers and other accepted documents at the Proceedings site. All submissions must comply with the submission guidelines, which may be found at The guidelines list all conference sessions for which papers will be accepted. We have also prepared a video that shows step-by-step how to submit papers to the OJS site for the Proceedings ( or watch below:

If after reading the guidelines and viewing the instructional videos you have any questions about the format of your submissions or how to use the OJS site, please send an email to

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