Welcome New Members: Continental Theological Seminary, IBTS Centre, Judson Bible College, and Southern Reformed College & Seminary

Please join us in welcoming our new members who joined this spring. We would like to take this opportunity to help you get to know these institutions better.

Institutional Member Continental Theological Seminary, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium

Established in 1959, Continental Theological Seminary (CTS) prepares students for ministry in the Pentecostal tradition. In addition to diploma pathways, CTS offers a Master of Theology in Evangelical and Pentecostal Studies. CTS is situated in a historic chateau (Rattendaal Castle) which dates back to 1174. In World War II, German occupation forces inhabited the chateau, and it later became a school for young Jewish men after the liberation of Belgium.

The V. G. Greisen Memorial Library serves as a resource for CTS students and holds more than 45,000 volumes in English, Dutch, French, and German in its collections. The CTS student population hails from over thirty nations, and this diversity is reflected in the languages of the library collections and periodicals.

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Institutional Member IBTS Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The International Baptist Theological Study (IBTS) Centre Amsterdam is an independent Baptist theological institution and a collaboration within the Faculty of Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The current cohort of students is drawn from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Ghana, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, and the USA. The IBTS Centre hosts regular conferences and lectures on the themes of Baptist history, identity, and ethics, and produces two peer-reviewed academic journals each year: Journal of European Baptist Studies and Baptistic Theologies.

The IBTS Centre Library specializes in Baptist and Anabaptist Studies. Special collections include: the Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series, published by Regnum Books International, an imprint of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, which provides a current perspective on mission worldwide; the Baptisten Seminarium Collection, a collection of about 1,500 titles in Dutch that support the curriculum of the Dutch Baptist Seminary; and the International Society of Science and Religion (ISSR) collection consisting of 224 books spanning all important areas and disciplines.

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Institutional Member Judson Bible College, Laurel, Maryland

Founded in 2008 as the Burmese Bible School, Judson Bible College trains students from various denominations who desire to be trained bilingually in the areas of biblical knowledge, theological insights, intercultural studies, linguistic studies, spiritual growth, and ministerial education for cross-cultural ministries. In 2013, the college underwent a name change to honor the First American missionary to Burma, Adoniram Judson, who also translated the entire Bible to Burmese and created an English-Burmese dictionary.

Judson Education Center Inc. is planning to develop ten teaching sites throughout the United States where multiethnic immigrants are located. In addition to Judson Bible College, which operates as a teaching site of Davis College, there are currently five teaching sites in the following locations: Buffalo, New York; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Washington DC Area; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Wheaton, Illinois.

Photo credit: Southern Reformed Seminary

Institutional Member Southern Reformed College & Seminary, Houston, Texas

In 2008, Southern Reformed College & Seminary began with the purpose of providing higher education in ministry for a growing Korean-American population. The seminary later added classes taught in Spanish to welcome the growing Spanish-speaking community in Houston and beyond.

The Southern Reformed Library houses English, Spanish, and Korean theological collections to meet the growing needs of the increasingly multicultural seminary community. The seminary also publishes The Southern Reformed Theological Journal, which covers the historical, theological, biblical, and practical studies within the Reformed theological tradition and ministry.

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