ATLA Products Blog: Cross-Continental Collaboration, ATLA and Finland

The ATLA Products Blog is sharing the stories behind our product offerings, and this month’s posting highlights new full-text titles from ATLASerials PLUS™ (ATLAS PLUS™).

Here’s an excerpt from the ATLA Products Blog.

Cross-Continental Collaboration: ATLA and Finland

ATLA has partnered with religion publishers in Finland for many years, across the scope of our products. One of our first relationships was with the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion, which publishes Temenos – Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion.

In print since 1965 and in our full-text collection ATLASerials® (ATLAS®) since 2014, Temenos was established as a joint publication of the learned societies of Comparative Religion in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden as a way for scholars to exchange research. Historically specializing in Scandinavia religion scholarship, Temenos has since expanded their scope to, in their words, “capture the actual intellectual climate in which present-day scholars of religion and culture work, not only in the Nordic countries but throughout the world” (Temenos Website). Temenos is peer-reviewed open access and has been a long-time trusted source of scholarship in its space. ATLA is excited to have had such a longstanding relationship with this journal.

Donner Institute

On the indexing front, ATLA has also partnered with the Donner Institute for the indexing of three important titles in the ATLA Religion Database® (ATLA RDB®): Approaching ReligionScripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis, and Nordisk Judaistik/Scandinavian Jewish Studies. The institute was founded in 1959 with the mission to “promote scientific research in religious and cultural history” (Donner Website) within the Åbo Akademi University Foundation of Turku.

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ATLA offers a prestigious product line of electronic resources to support the scholarly study of religion and theology and we want to share with you the stories behind the journals that have been carefully curated for our users. So, we have created the ATLA Products Blog to give an insider’s perspective and spotlight just some of the journals found in our databases.

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