ATLA Participates in CLIR Funded Digitization Project


ATLA is pleased to announce its participation in the project “Digitizing the Records of Philadelphia’s Historic Congregations: Providing Documentation for the Political, Social and Cultural Developments in Philadelphia.” This project has been awarded a Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives grant from the Council on Library and Information Resource (CLIR) to digitize over 41,000 records from the archives of Philadelphia’s oldest congregations.

Partners in this project will work over the next three years to digitize and make accessible vital records from the archives of Christ Church, St. George’s Methodist Church, Gloria Dei, Mikveh Israel, African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas, Episcopal Dioceses Archives, Presbyterian Historical Society, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, and the American Baptist Historical Society. ATLA will make these materials discoverable through the ATLA Digital Library, our portal for religion and theology digital collections. The data will also be preserved in OPenn, the University of Pennsylvania Libraries Open Data Portal.

“We are excited to be able to provide discovery of the records in the archives of these different faith groups. The ATLA Digital Library is designed to be a primary resource of digital collections of interest to religion and theology scholars and the documents digitized in this project will provide researchers with valuable insight into religion in the United States during the colonial era,” said ATLA Digital Projects Manager Andy Carter.

ATLA is delighted to work with the Christ Church Preservation Trust and the other organizations involved in this CLIR funded project to make a rich collection of materials freely and easily discoverable.

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