The Carolinas Theological Library Consortium (CTLC) Will Meet March 15

The Carolinas Theological Library Consortium (CTLC) shares resources amongst the various institutions with theology and/or religion programs in North and South Carolina. They will be meeting March 15 at the G. Allen Fleece Library, Columbia International University.

Matt Wasielewski sent out a communication to the CTLC group this week informing the group of the meeting details.

CTLC Meeting

The meeting will be held at Columbia International University with host Cynthia Snell. Matt will be sending along the agenda in the coming weeks with a request for everyone to provide their library update.

Host: Cynthia Snell, Library Director

Meeting Location: G. Allen Fleece Library, Columbia International University

Address: 7435 Monticello Road Columbia, SC 29203

Date and Time: Thursday, March 15, 2018, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (joining at a local restaurant afterwards for lunch)

Visitor parking is available throughout the campus and behind the student center and the dorms.

If you are in the Carolina area and are not a member of CTLC, we invite you to reach out to Matt for more information.

Learn more about this group.

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