October is Theological Libraries Month #TLM2017

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We see collaboration as an essential part of being a librarian, scholar, and student. It’s impossible to do research in a vacuum and librarianship is inherently a collaborative profession. Therefore, one of our core values is collegiality and collaboration. This value is especially important in the changing landscape of theological librarianship and it’s now more important than ever to partner and network with others inside and outside librarianship.

Within our Association, we have witnessed creative solutions and unique partnerships, so we will be sharing them throughout the year and encourage you to share as well on Facebook, Twitter, and at the ATLA Annual Conference. We also encourage you to consider submitting a proposal for the 2018 ATLA Conference Proposal. Learn more.

Theological Libraries Month Celebration

October is Theological Libraries Month (TLM) and a great way to promote your library. Let’s share and inspire one another in finding those creative collaborations and valuable partnerships.

How can you participate in TLM?

Take Part in the TLM Contest

How is your library creatively collaborating across departments and with other libraries? How are you engaging with your faculty and administration? How are you encouraging your patrons to collaborate? Tell your story for a chance to win a $25 gift card. Read official rules & regulations.

Share your story on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #CreativeCollab and #TLM2017 or submit your ideas to the Newsletter by emailing memberrep@atla.com.

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