Theological Librarianship Editorial Board Meets in Chicago

The Theological Librarianship editorial board met in person (mostly: snow foiled one attempt to get there) at ATLA Headquarters in Chicago on March 13-14, 2017. The journal, now nine years old, features quite a few new faces on the board with the addition of editor-in-chief Jennifer Woodruff Tait and editors Keegan Osinski and Barnaby Hughes. Consequently, we spent considerable time in brainstorming and visioning for the future, as well as planning for volume 10, no. 1, which will be issued in October.

Among the ideas that came out of the meeting was the ATLA Press Writers’ Room, a time on Wednesday of Annual Conference for attendees to meet members of the ATLA Press Coordinating Council and the editorial boards of all the ATLA publications, and talk about how to turn ideas into articles, conference proposals, and even monographs. We are eagerly seeking ideas and authors and hope you’ll join us during this come-and-go session from 1-5 pm.

We also discussed what ATLA’s newly advanced organizational mission of serving as a hub of scholarly religious communication means for the content and processes of TL. Among specific ideas advanced were theme issues, student essay contests, a more robust social media presence, recruiting among religious studies scholars as well as librarians, and more explicitly featuring our moral commitment to open access. It remains to be seen in what ways these ideas will come to fruition. We also talked about ways to honor TL’s 10th anniversary of publication, upcoming in 2018.

Our two remaining pre-2017 board members, Suzanne Estelle-Holmer and Miranda Bennett, will be leaving TL soon to assume duties on the ATLA Board (Suzanne) and as the Editor-in-Chief of the Proceedings (Miranda). We are currently in the interview process and expect to announce the appointment of two new members of the editorial board in late May.

After the meeting, editor-in-chief Jennifer Woodruff Tait stayed to participate in the inaugural meeting of the ATLA Press Coordinating Council. You can read more about that meeting here.

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