Welcome New Reciprocal Borrowing Participants

Please join us in welcoming our most recent participants to the Reciprocal Borrowing Program. If you are interested in adding your library to this program, please read and complete the participation agreement available online and send to memberrep@atla.com.

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary was established in 1995 to train theological students in the reformed tradition. In 2016, the seminary began a PhD program.

The William Perkins Library of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary provides students with resources to study historical reformed doctrine as well as the larger Christian church. The Puritan Research Center within the library is a special collection of primary and secondary source materials on the English, Dutch, Scottish, and American Puritan theologians of the 16-18th centuries.

Wesley Biblical Seminary

Wesley Biblical Seminary is a non-denominational seminary located in Jackson, Mississippi, and founded in 1974. Although the seminary initially formed to prepare pastors in the Methodist tradition, it has since become global in its perspective.

The Wesley Biblical Seminary Library supports the students of the seminary by providing academic necessary for scholars to complete their research. In addition to various print and online subscription resources, the library also maintains reference holdings as well as a collection of old and rare materials related to Wesleyan theology.

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