Open in Order To: Open Access Week 2017

Open Access Week
Submitted by Christine Fruin, ATLA Scholarly Communication/Open Access Publishing Manager

The theme of this year’s International Open Access Week is “Open in Order To…” and it acknowledges the many benefits, motivations, and goals that drive researchers, scholars, students, librarians, publishers, and others who are working toward a more open scholarly communication system. Open access does not benefit any single group or discipline nor does it work toward a singular goal. Rather, this inquiry can be completed in numerous ways: Open in order to increase the impact of my scholarship. Open in order to enable more equitable participation in research. Open in order to facilitate collaboration across disciplines. Open in order to increase the visibility of my scholarly field. These are just a few examples of how one might complete the phrase “open in order to…”. In my role as ATLA’s new Scholarly Communication/Open Access Publishing Manager, I look forward to engaging in conversations with our members to learn more about how they and the communities they serve would answer “Open in Order To…”.

One of ATLA’s Core Values demonstrates that the organization is committed to “open in order to” provide the widest possible access to relevant information and ideas. To that end, ATLA offers several initiatives to increase the openness of scholarship in the fields of theology and religious studies. Through the recently organized ATLA Publishing Program, we offer open monograph publishing and host open journals, including Theological Librarianship, through our instance of Open Journal Systems (OJS). In the next few months, I look forward to working with the editorial boards of ATLA’s scholarly publications to increase the discoverability and accessibility of content through open access platforms. Further, the ATLA Scholarly Communication Task Force is investigating implications and innovations offered by open access to faculty, students, and librarians at our member institutions. Finally, I will be working in the coming months on growing our open access publishing initiative, developing resources and professional development training for members on open access and other scholarly communication issues, and leading development of new initiatives such as open educational resources.

In the coming months, look for announcements and opportunities to learn about and further engage with open access as a means of publishing in the field and increase the discoverability and impact of past, present and future scholarly outputs in the fields of theology and religious studies. I am excited to lead and collaborate, in this new role, in our professional and scholarly communities to support ATLA’s mission and values and the work of our members.

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