Register for the ATLA Funnels Project Webinar this May

Richard Lammert, Technical Services Librarian at Concordia Theological Seminary and ATLA Funnels Coordinator, will be presenting a webinar on the ATLA Funnel Projects. The Funnel Projects are sponsored by the Professional Development Committee.

Join Richard at the last webinar of our Spring Webinar Series and learn more about this new exciting possibility of a SACO Funnel.

Read on to learn about this webinar.

ATLA PCC Funnels – With an Emphasis on SACO
Wednesday, May 17, 1pm CST

This webinar will provide a brief orientation to and update of ATLA’s participation in two Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) programs: NACO (Name Authority Cooperative) and CONSER (Cooperative Serials Program). This orientation will be most helpful to anyone interested in contributing name authorities or series authorities to the national authority file or in cataloging serials to national standards (and being able to mark records as such).

The main focus of the webinar will be on continuing the discussion started at the last annual conference on establishing an ATLA funnel for the SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative) program. Anyone interested in being able to contribute new or revised subject headings to Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), to contribute genre terms in religion for the recently established list of genre/form terms, or to contribute new or revised Library of Congress classification numbers—yes, “SACO” includes all of these—will be interested in this presentation.

The Professional Development Committee supports expanding ATLA’s participation in the PCC programs to include SACO. The desired outcome of the webinar is to determine that ATLA catalogers have a definite interest in participating and to proceed with establishing the ATLA SACO funnel.

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