ATLA 2017 Session Spotlight: Research Practices of Religious Studies Scholars Luncheon


You are invited to the Research Practices of Religious Studies Scholars Luncheon on Friday, June 16, held 11:30am-1:00pm during the 2017 ATLA Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

In early February 2017, ITHAKA S+R published Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Religious Studies Scholars, the latest in a series of projects that investigate the research support needs of scholars by their discipline.

During this special luncheon event, Brenda Bailey-Hainer (Executive Director, ATLA) will discuss ATLA’s role in sponsoring the report and the importance of the project to ATLA and its members. In addition to context setting remarks placing religious studies scholarship within the humanities realm, Roger Schonfeld (Director, Libraries and Scholarly Communication Program, ITHAKA S+R) will discuss the unique funding model and structure of this collaborative project. Danielle Cooper (Senior Researcher, Library and Scholarly Communication, ITHAKA S+R) will share high-level results of the research. John F. Kutsko (Executive Director, Society for Biblical Literature [SBL]) and others will discuss the results from the unique points of view of their organizations and communities.

There is no charge to attend this luncheon if you are registered for the full conference.

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Continue the Discussion at the Panel Presentation

After the luncheon, we invite you to join us for a panel presentation from 1:00pm-1:50pm where Danielle Cooper, Roger Schonfeld, and others will continue a discussion on the results of the report.

Attendees are invited to ask their questions, share their comments, and participate in a discussion about the research results, areas for further exploration, and the implications of the research for religious studies and theological libraries.

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History of the Report

In 2016, ATLA served as lead sponsor for the religious studies project formed by Ithaka S+R. This project examined the changing research methods and practices of academic religious studies scholars in the United States with the goal of identifying services to better support them. Research teams at 18 academic libraries, including several ATLA Institutional Members, collaboratively worked on this project. Additionally, the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature supported the project.

Read the report on the ITHAKA S+R website ahead of the luncheon and panel presentation.

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