ATLA Retiree Spotlight: Tony Amodeo

The ATLA Endowment Committee presented an update on the ATLA Retirees and Lifetime Members at the 2016 ATLA Annual Conference. This Newsletter series will recap what they shared.

Tony Amodeo retired June 2, 2015, after 31 years at Loyola Marymount University.

Tony was first introduced to ATLA while he was working at the Newberry Library (76-82). He took a computer indexing workshop by Julie Hurd in Evanston, IL.

Here is a list of his many accomplishments in the profession:

  • Illinois Cooperative Conservation Librarian, 1982-83, SIU Carbondale
  • LMU: Von der Ahe Library, 1984-2009; Hannon Library (new), 2009-2015
  • SCATLA Board, 1985-2015; President (after much evasion), 2011
  • CathLA: Chair of Academic/Seminary Section, 1996-97; worked with Charlotte Ames to found the Preservation of American Catholic Materials Roundtable, still ongoing
  • ATLA: led formation of Cooperation for Preservation of Archives & Libraries Interest Group (CPAL), now defunct…but the struggle continues!

A Humble Honoree

Tony is the humble honoree of a beautiful 1496 incunabulum added to the Special Collections at Loyola Marymount University in his honor. Theological Studies graduate students presented Tony with a plaque and faculty gave a 17c map of his birthplace in Italy. Question: What’s Italian for overwhelmed?

Vacation after 40 years!

After 40 years of working in libraries, Tony headed to Italy last September and enjoyed the following activities: Picture5

  • Attending the Festival Filosofia, in which the public squares of Modena, Sassuolo and Carpi host thousands of ordinary folks listening to presentations from some of the outstanding philosophers, sociologists, and even Harvard’s head Librarian, in both the original language and translation, and visiting a handpress workshop
  • Visiting both historic and art museums, traditional balsamic vinegar makers, walking tours, and beautiful walks and beautiful times with my cousins and their families
  • And, of course, a busman’s holiday at the Italian kings’ Biblioteca Reale/Royal Library in Torino
  • As usual, I discovered some books in danger and e-mailed the curator, who thanked me and fixed the problem. I know informed suggestions help, as it worked some years ago at the Bodoni Museum in Parma, which is now beautifully redone
  • RULE: never be shy if you can save a threatened historical book! It ain’t ego, it’s preservation!

Current activities? Future hopes?

  • Some family caregiving
  • Taking some courses and Great Courses
  • Some vegetable gardening, and a hope to create a well-designed garden with splayed apple, peach and Italian plum trees
  • Granted the mental and physical capacity and the time, hope to transcribe and perhaps translate a 17c Italian manuscript book in Hannon’s Special Collections
  • And, of course …


    • Yes, I finally did clean out my office (this is the “Before”). But now I have 40 years of library and personal papers to go through. Wish me luck!

Thank you to the Endowment Committee for their work in curating this information. If you would like to submit your story for publication and for the 2017 ATLA Annual Conference, please e-mail

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