ATLA Awards Scholarship to Connie Song

The Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is pleased to announce a recipient of the Scholarship for a Theological Librarianship Course, Connie Song.

Connie is working toward her Masters of Theology at the Athenaeum of Ohio.

She attended the 2000 and 2014 ATLA conferences and at both she noticed the lack of Asian representation, especially in the Roman Catholic group. She explained, “If attendance at the conference is any indication of the ethnic and racial makeup of theological librarians in the field and those about to enter, I believe that my differentness itself will add diversity to the Theological Librarianship course. I have often been the only immigrant, Asian American, or Catholic in many situations around me. Those life experiences bring a different focus or perspective vis-à-vis my cohorts. I also believe that all who take the course will add a diversity of experiences from which I hope to learn.”

She continued, “Eventually, I hope to contribute by writing or presenting or serving the profession in other ways. With my fellow librarians, I hope to discern and create ways in which the truth contained in all our stories can be discovered, preserved, and shared.”

Connie is an Individual Member and will use her scholarship to support her enrollment in a Theological Librarianship course.

A special thank you to the generous ATLA Members who donated to the ATLA Scholarships and Grants Annual Fund and made this scholarship possible.

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