Theological Libraries Month: Creative Collaboration in a Changing Landscape

Theological Libraries Month: Creative Collaboration in a Changing Landscape

Take Part in the TLM Contest! How is your library creatively collaborating across departments and with other libraries? More »

A Syriac Source of a Madrasa’s Curriculum in Pre-Ottoman South East Anatolia

A Syriac Source of a Madrasa’s Curriculum in Pre-Ottoman South East Anatolia

The purpose of this article is to study the relations between Muslims and Christians in Anatolia during the pre-Ottoman period by observing not only the history of social and religious tensions but also the history of intellectual exchanges. More »

Announcing Additions to ATLA Products – September 2017

Announcing Additions to ATLA Products – September 2017

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new title now available in the ATLA Religion Database® (ATLA RDB®). More »

ATLA Launches Beta Release of the ATLA Digital Library

ATLA Launches Beta Release of the ATLA Digital Library

The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) is excited to announce the beta release of the ATLA Digital Library. More »

Welcome New Members: George Fox University, Simpson College, and University of Divinity

Welcome New Members: George Fox University, Simpson College, and University of Divinity

Please join us in welcoming our new members who joined in late August and early September. More »


The Power of Collaboration: Digitization in European Theological Libraries

Submitted by Brenda Bailey-Hainer, ATLA Executive Director

The 46th BETH General Assembly held last month in Zagreb was a lively forum chock full of interesting and useful information. The theme of this year’s event was Digitisation in European Theological Libraries. The meeting attracted the largest attendance ever at a BETH meeting — around seventy participants. Eastern European countries were particularly well represented with attendees from Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovakia.

Presenters defined digitization broadly and covered a wide range of topics -– technical details on the physical process, theories on how to select which items to digitize, creation of portals that automatically limit a search to digital objects on a specific subject, national collaborative projects, establishing a governance structure for a university collaborative, the contents of specific digitized collections, and software focused on streamlining processing. Of most interest to me were the collaborative projects hosted at national libraries.

Welcome New Institutional Members: St. John’s Seminary and Marist College

Please join us in welcoming our new members who joined in late September and early October. We would like to take this opportunity to help you get to know these institutions better.

Institutional Member, St. John’s Seminary, Camarillo, CA

Named in honor of St. John the Evangelist, St. John’s Seminary opened its doors in 1939 to educate men for the priesthood. The Seminary’s classes focus on theology, scriptural studies, spirituality, and liturgy. The Seminary is within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the campus has several orange and lemon groves.

ATLA Staff Visits BETH in Zagreb, Croatia

Submitted by Andy Carter, ATLA Digital Projects Manager

The 46th General Assembly of BETH took place in at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute in Zagreb, Croatia, from September 9-13. BETH brings together national theological library associations and some individual theological libraries from across Europe.

The Institute sits adjacent to the Zagreb Cathedral and was home for four days of discussions about European digital initiatives, tours of Zagreb and the Croatian National Library, and shared meals with new found friends. I was honored to attend BETH and give a presentation about the development of the ATLA Digital Library contextualized within the recent history of the United States’ digital initiatives.

ATLA Calendar

ATLA is around the globe this season. Check out the new ATLA Calendar for a list of events, deadlines, and meetings.

Upcoming Events

Annual ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Meeting
October 11
Webinar Meeting
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DEI Committee Meeting
October 12-13
Chicago, IL

ACLS Invites Applications for Religion, Journalism, and International Affairs Fellowships

The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) invites applications for fellowships offered by the Luce/ACLS Program in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs (RJIA), made possible by the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation. RJIA is a two-part initiative designed to foster new connections between scholars and journalists covering international affairs. The program offers an interrelated set of awards: programming grants for universities and fellowships for scholars in the humanities and social sciences who study religion in international contexts. More information is available on the program’s overview page.

DPLA’s GIF IT UP Annual Competition is On


The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) announced GIF IT UP, an annual international gif-making competition. A GIF (or Graphics Interchange Format) is an image format that supports using multiple frames to create motion graphics in a continuous loop, allowing us to seemingly bring still images and other cultural heritage materials to life.

GIF IT UP was created to promote appreciation of the public domain and creative engagement with digitized cultural heritage materials. The most important part is to have fun and to share cool stuff in awesome ways.

October is Theological Libraries Month #TLM2017


We see collaboration as an essential part of being a librarian, scholar, and student. It’s impossible to do research in a vacuum and librarianship is inherently a collaborative profession. Therefore, one of our core values is collegiality and collaboration. This value is especially important in the changing landscape of theological librarianship and it’s now more important than ever to partner and network with others inside and outside librarianship.

Within our Association, we have witnessed creative solutions and unique partnerships, so we will be sharing them throughout the year and encourage you to share as well on Facebook, Twitter, and at the ATLA Annual Conference. We also encourage you to consider submitting a proposal for the 2018 ATLA Conference Proposal. Learn more.

Don’t Miss Out: Renew Your ATLA Individual Membership

The ATLA membership renewal season is upon as our membership year runs from September 1 through August 31. At this end of this month, all members who have not renewed will no longer be eligible to receive ATLA Individual member benefits.

We encourage you to renew before October 31 so that you may enjoy the valuable benefits of your membership in ATLA:

Building an Inclusive Library Through Universal Design

Universal Design
Submitted by Andrew Keck, Luther Seminary, Saint Paul, MN

Building an Inclusive Library Through Universal Design, a recent workshop hosted by Minnesota Theological Library Association (MTLA), included a diverse set of twenty-three guests from area theological, college, university, and public libraries. Carli Spina, Head Librarian for Assessment and Outreach at Boston College, led participants through principles of Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning and how these principles can be applied to library design and programming projects. The workshop consisted of a mix of lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities that asked participants to critically consider the existing spaces and practices at their library.

Testimony: The Joys of Cartographic Cataloging

This article was previously featured in Vol. 25, No. 4 of Theology Cataloging Bulletin (TCB), an ATLA member publication. Testimony is a feature in TCB that gives a place for members of the technical services community to share their stories. We felt this testimony was applicable to the wider community and have since published it below for you.

Submitted by Ann Heinrichs, Metadata/Cataloging Librarian, Paul Bechtold Library, Catholic Theological Union

A Growing Love for Maps

It’s hard to say when my passion for maps began. It seems to have gone hand-in-hand with my passion for seafaring. As a teenager, I was obsessed with tales of great sea voyages. Summer afternoons would find me in the hammock, riveted to my cherished copy of Peter Freuchen’s Book of the Seven Seas, and it was full of nautical charts. I longed to go to sea, and I knew that a sea map would get me where I was going.

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